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In 2008, the first prototype of today’s mud drilling system “E-Z-Jet” was created. E-Z stands for “easy”, i.e. “lightweight”. The system was continuously developed further and presents itself today as the smallest, lightest, but most powerful HDD mud drilling system on the market. It can also be used for rock drilling.

The frame dimensions are the same for Mini Twinny and E-Z-Jet; both systems can be mounted in the same wall flange.



extendable frame

1100 mm


510 mm


780 mm

Frame weight

65.0 kg

Cylinder weight

30.0 kg

Control unit weight

20.0 kg

Total weight

115.0 kg

Performance data

Drill lengths

to 50.0 m


to 200 mm

Can also be used in rocky geology (sandstone, marl, etc.).


Individually with small excavator or mobile hydraulic station.

Ideal energy source

190 bar at 40 l / min

Operating data

Max. Torque

at 190 bar 970 Nm

Feed / retraction force

at 190 bar 3.2 t

Drilling fluid

Water from mains (at sufficient mains pressure).

External supply via mud system

Functional principle of a flushing bore

Pilot hole controlled with radius from basement to pit.

Widening with pipe intake from the pit into the basement.

Pipe feeder

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