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Mini Twinny

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Mini TwinnY
Directional press plant

The steerable press head displaces the soil as the boom advances. It is tracked above ground by a locating device. Deviations from the bore planning line can be read on the locating device and corrected by rotating the rod. In the target pit, the press head is replaced by an expansion. This expansion is retracted and the soil is thus expanded. At the same time, the attached pipe is pulled in. The use of drilling fluid can be dispensed with in directional pressing.



min. 580 mm

extendable frame

max. 765 mm


510 mm

Frame height

220 mm

Heaviest part
(base frame with cylinder)

64.0 kg

Total weight

82.0 kg

Drill pipe

500 x 33 mm

Performance data

Drill head Ø

45 mm

Expanding tool Ø

at 120 mm

Max. Drill length

at 50.0 m

Min. laying radius

25.0 m

Max. Tractive force

at 190 bar 12.6 t

Walk over location

Transmitter 8″

to 4.0 m depth

Transmitter 15″

to 16.0 m depth



With wall flange


braced in pit


with clamping elements

Functional principle of a directional press

Pilot hole controlled with radius from basement to pit.

Widening with pipe intake from the pit into the basement.

Pipe feeder

Representation of the components


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